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234 Morse Avenue Suite B
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
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Couple’s Massage Available for $20 extra charge

Massage Therapy - East Meets West Massage Therapy in Wyckoff New Jersey offers the BEST massage services at affordable prices in Bergen County. East Meets West Massage Therapy specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Lava Shell, Raindrop Therapy, Sports massage, Oncology and Prenatal massage.

**Prices do not reflect 7% NJ Sales Tax

Targeted Stress Relief* - Focuses on the targeted area
15 min (chair)- $20 30 min (table)- $50

Heaven & Earth Massage* - 60 min $70
Enjoy a nice relaxing scalp, neck/shoulder, and back massage along with a deluxe foot and lower leg massage.

Signature Massage* - A customized massage that uses relaxing strokes with variations of pressure that focuses on where your body needs it the most. There is more focus on muscle fatigue and tightness. This massage includes heated herbal feet booties, a complimentary blend of aromatherapy oil, and a scalp and face massage.
60 minutes - $75
90 minutes - $105
60 minute signature massage with 30 min reflexology and foot scrub $140
Weekly: 60 minutes - $55 / 90 minutes - $85
BiWeekly: 60 minutes -$65 / 90 minutes - $95

Deep Tissue Massage* - A customized massage that gets to the deep rooted tension, relieving aches and pains of exhausted muscle and fascia tissue. Improves restricted range of motion. Time is used on the focused area, if there is extra time, we will proceed to another part of the body.
60 minutes- $85
90 minutes- $125
Weekly: 60 minutes - $65 / 90 minutes - $105
BiWeekly: 60 minutes - $75 / 90 minutes - $115

Oncology Massage - Massage can be a supportive therapy to help manage symptoms and side effects, during and after cancer treatment. Oncology massage is the adaptation of massage to safely nurture the body, mind, and spirit of anyone who is dealing with cancer or cancer treatments, based on compassion and a specialized treatment.
60 minutes- $70

Maternity Massage* - Massage during and after pregnancy helps eliminate the common discomforts of pregnancy: nausea, headaches, backaches, sinus problems, sciatica, fatigue, and helps shorten labor times. Massage has also been proven to lessen the risks of birth defects in the fetus. Massage after pregnancy helps restore vital balance, and helps get the pelvis and abdomen muscles get back in alignment.
60 minutes- $75

Infant Massage - Bonding and tactile stimulation impacts your child's brain development permanently within the first year of their life. Learn how to massage your infant to help with brain stimulation and development. You will also learn how to handle colic, sinus congestion, improve sleep, and other special needs a baby has.
2 Hour Class- $45 per person/$60 per couple
2 Hour One on One training- $55 per person/ $85 per couple

Hot Stone Massage* - A hydrotherapy massage that uses smooth, heated volcanic stones to relax and relieve tension in the muscles. Choose from one of our three aromatherapy blends to escape to another world.
*Not recommended for anyone with a heart condition, blood clots, high/low blood pressure, or any sensitive skin.
75 minutes- $105
105 minutes- $130
Not available for Outcalls

Lava Shell MassageI* (Heated or Cooling) - Melt away your thoughts and ease into a quiet state of relaxation with this deeply penetrating heated massage. Feel the soothing warmth of each stroke generated by minerals, algae, salt water, and essential oils encapsulated inside a tiger clam shell native to the Philippines, eliminating a heating element. Also try a cooling lava shell massage, which helps the lymphatic system.
60 minutes- $90

Raindrop Therapy Massage - Awaken your senses with pure therapeutic essential oils that are delicately dropped like rain along the spine of the back and feet.Includes a massage of the neck, shoulders and back.This treatment enhances the immune system and reduces inflammation. The lasting effects of this treatment can be noticed for up to a week to 10 days!
60 minutes- $90
90 minutes (includes a full body massage)- $130

Sinus Relief Massage* - Help alleviate sinus pressure with our specialty sinus relief massage that uses a blend of aromatherapy oil of eucalyptus, peppermint, geranium, and marjoram oils. Your therapist will use these oils on the acupressure points on the face and scalp, and combines with lymphatic drainage on the neck and chest. Allow a heated towel with the essence of Bergamot Mint helps soothe the sinus cavity.
30 minutes- $55
60 minutes (includes ear candling)- $85
Add on to any massage- $30

Reflexology* - Therapeutic acupressure to the feet stimulates reflexes throughout the entire body’s glands and organs, helping clear out congestion, activate the circulation of energy, and revitalize and balance the entire body. Performed comfortably clothed.
30 minutes- $55
60 minutes (includes a foot scrub)- $75

* Designates services available for Couple’s Massage


East Meets West Massage Therapy
234 Morse Avenue Suite B
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Massage Service: 201-485-6070
Email: Massagennj@gmail.com

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